19th March 2021

When you start planning for your new kitchen it is important to consider how the appliances will fit into the overall design. Appliances play an essential role in the kitchen. Helping with the functioning and day-to-day running of the home, carefully selecting your appliances will help you ensure your kitchen works as hard as possible to meet your needs and looks good too!

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    Know your budget

Cost is often the first thing customers look at when it comes to choosing between one appliance and another. While brand and features may also be factors to consider, cost is generally the way we make our final decision between two appliances. Typically, people spend around 20-30% of their overall kitchen renovation budget on appliances, so if you are budgeting £30,000, you might spend £3,000- £6,000 on appliances. This is a good estimate to follow, and will ensure you buy appliances that are in line with the quality of your kitchen.

What’s cooking?

Appliances can also be chosen to fit in with the overall style of your kitchen too of course, with a large range cooker looking quite at home in the country classic kitchen. An alternative to this, and something that is proving popular among our customers at the moment, is to pay slightly extra and have an AGA. The latest models are much more economical on running costs than they used to be, as they turn off after use.

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For the client who wants the extra oven space and has opted not to have a range cooker, an alternative is two single ovens side by side or one on top of the other. This is now a very popular choice. Two single ovens will actually give more cooking space than a range cooker and many models, such as those from Miele and Neff have the added benefit of pre-programmable features and better temperature control when compared to a range cooker. Opting for a bank of appliances, perhaps with a cooker, steam oven and microwave all on one wall is a professional look that is also highly practical, putting all your cooking appliances in one spot and effectively zoning this area for food preparation.

Don’t forget extraction

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With hobs induction is now the choice for 99% of clients. Induction with built-in downdraft extraction, such as that from BORA are popular, as it allows people to have a hob on an island. With cooking becoming a sociable activity, having to face the wall while cooking at a stove is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Having extraction built into a hob gives clients the option to not have an industrial, unsightly piece of stainless steel hanging from the ceiling over an island.

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