22nd October 2019

1. It’s tailored specifically for you

large kitchen island While a handmade bespoke kitchen is a serious investment when compared to an off the shelf kitchen, the money is wisely spent. The advantages more than outweigh the potential disadvantages of buying cheap. This article is about the advantages of a handmade kitchen if you’re unsure about having one.  

 The main drawback of buying a non-bespoke kitchen from a high street company or generic German kitchen brand is that it isn’t designed with you in mind. Although these companies follow trends well, the kitchen planners working with these products are limited to what they can achieve with off the shelf solutions. As a result, your choice is limited. It is a generic product that rarely results in you being delighted with your new kitchen.

 On the flip side of this when working with a handmade kitchen designer, your choices are only bound by what you can imagine. With hand made bespoke kitchens, you get one of a kind kitchen designed by you for you. Working with a qualified designer who listens to your aspirations, goals and helps to create and visualise your dream kitchen.

2. Quality that speaks for itself

 If you are the type of person that demands exceptional quality in your home. There is no room for complacency and lousy workmanship. Then handcrafted furniture is a must. With a handmade product, no details are overlooked. The tradesmen who work with handcrafted furniture are at the highest skill level in the industry.

shaker bespoke luxury kitchenWith years of experience in perfecting and designing furniture, Drew Forsyth & Co has the edge in a highly competitive kitchen market.

With off the shelf, often German style kitchens quality can vary wildly. From high end brands such as Siematic and Bulthaup to the lower end of the market with brands like Howdens and Wren. With discount kitchens, the only element where they can cut prices is on the quality and integrity of the product.

3. You get complete peace of mind

 When investing in your home, it is paramount that you get it right. For a project to run smoothly and stress-free, it needs to be project managed by an expert interior refurbishment. Depending on what your motivations are, an excellent guide when considering a project are three primary factors, being: 

 Price – Specification /Design – Timescale

In our experience, generally speaking, people are often unclear or even misinformed about 1 of the 3 factors. So what we advise is that a change in 1 factor affects the other 2. The specification goes up, so does price and time scales can change. If the price needs to come down, the specification will often come down also. If the timeline that the project was estimated is too long, a client requires it completing faster. In this circumstance, the price will become affected by increased labour costs.

It is as easy to understand concept that should be useful when in the planning stages of your project.

We can provide project management at every stage from design through to booking and managing tradespeople. Working with professional companies who are the best in their industry guarantees you a quality product. 

4. Guaranteed – it’s built to last

By spending more on a luxury bespoke handmade kitchen, you are getting furniture that’s built to last. The mass-market German style kitchens begin life by being designed to have elements replaced. Doors that are needing to be replaced after as little as a couple of years. Bespoke kitchens will often be accompanied by a 10-year guarantee. As the value of your property increases with the investment, you’ve made in refurbishment.

luxury bespoke kitchen

 By choosing a hand painted, handmade bespoke kitchen you have opted for a classic piece of furniture design, the shaker style cabinetry has been around for hundreds of years. Should you decide that you’d like to give your kitchen a facelift a few years down the line. With a hand-painted kitchen, you can change the handles and repaint the cabinetry without significant disruption. The end result is a completely different looking kitchen at a fraction of the cost of a new kitchen.

      5. Companies that are here to stay.

Many industrial competitors come and go, when selling kitchens at hugely discounted prices, the longevity of the business is challenging. The company provides aftercare for your installed kitchen. So, you can call them if something goes wrong.

When purchasing a bespoke kitchen from a renowned company with years of experience you know you’re in safe hands. Drew Forsyth & Co have 51 years trading history and can deliver the product quality and peace of mind you deserve.


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