30th January 2020


On Saturday the 22nd of February we are inviting 20 lucky people for the opportunity to come and be trained to plate food like a professional chef.

If you are reading this and thinking, what is plating? Then you should take a look at The Art of Plating youtube channel. 

The art of plating is how restaurant chefs turn everyday ingredients into culinary masterpieces sometimes fit for an art gallery.

At our Showroom in Hebden Bridge, a professional chef will take 2 small groups of 10 through a cooking demonstration to teach how you can transform dishes that we all cook at home into a meal fit for a king in a few simple steps by learning the techniques and tips used by the pros. 

If you’d like to join us for this special event, then please don’t hesitate to sign up by calling our showroom on 01422 842206.

The day is completely free, and there will also be some lovely wine to accompany the dishes being made.


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