Bespoke Shaker Kitchen Renovation

We design and install Shaker kitchens for period properties, truly tailored to your home.

Our designers have decades of experience understanding and interpreting your vision.

We have been designing and hand-crafting bespoke kitchen furniture for period properties since 1967.


When we design shaker kitchens, the most important factor in our work is interpreting your vision, to create a kitchen truly worthy of your property’s individual character.  We hand-craft in-frame shaker cabinets in line with the classic British shaker style-.

Stunning Shaker Kitchen Designs

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How to design a Shaker Kitchen

Shaker kitchen designs were first created in the late 1700s, focusing on simplicity, honesty and practicality. These morals are reflected in the design choices and aesthetic details to renovate kitchens tailored to the house owner ideals. Shaker kitchens truly embrace the craftsmanship of traditional wood, as it is cut, assembled and chiselled to perfection.

Features of a Shaker Kitchen

  • Shaker kitchens are characterised by their unique doors, cabinets and drawers. They have a raised rectangular frame around the centre panels.
  • Are you planning to keep the Shaker theme throughout your house, or are you just trying to modernise your kitchen? Consistently themed furniture across your household makes a big difference to the overall aesthetics.
  • Perhaps this space can be more than just a kitchen; maybe a multifunctional room for entertainment, studies, working from home, or a space for larger gatherings?
  • Shaker Kitchen Layout Plan

    Shaker kitchens have attractive and well balanced proportions to suit the unique shape of your home.

    Whether you want a shaker kitchen island, a peninsula, or a breakfast bar; it all comes down to the layout of the kitchen. Although you may be limited by space, there are plenty of tips and tricks you can use to truly make the best out of your shaker kitchen layout.

    One of the main benefits of using a kitchen designer to renovate your shaker kitchen, is the ability to utilise their expertise. After all, we’ve been designing bespoke shaker kitchens since 1967.

    Furniture Layout and appliances

    The furniture layout of a Shaker kitchen often upholds the traditional principle of a kitchen triangle, ensuring that the placement of the stove, refrigerator and sink create a smooth workflow. When renovating shaker kitchens, it’s worth considering integrating modern-day appliances. This add more functionality to the kitchen and expands on the overall in-frame shaker aesthetics.

    Custom made cabinetry allows you to dedicated specific drawers with inserts tailored to their use; be it for knives, plates, bins, or cooking equipment.

    Colours, Contrast and Quality

    A great shaker kitchen design matches the flooring, worktops, cabinetry colours and considers the interiors of the rest of your house, to truly reflect your property’s character.

    Alongside these considerations, natural and artificial light sources play a major role in any kitchen design.

    You will want furniture and paint with great longevity and durability – one of our specialities. All of our furniture is hand-crafted and hand-painted to ensure a perfect finish, made to last decades.

    How to find the right renovators?

  • Your kitchen will become part of your property for a foreseeable future. Finding contractors with great experience in kitchen design and renovation can make or break your kitchen.
  • Communication. With us, you get assigned one point of contact for the whole duration of your journey that will keep you up to date, without you having to chase us up.
  • Timeline. Kitchen renovation is a long-term commitment. The business must be flexible enough to accommodate for any delays caused by external contractors. Fortunately, we are.
  • Why Choose Drew Forsyth & Co?

    Free Consultation

    We love what we do and enjoy sharing ideas and inspirations with our clients. We offer a free site survey, design plan and photo-realistic imagery to help you have full confidence in your new project.

    Perfected Design

    With decades of experience under our belt, we know exactly how to interpret your vision to bring your dream kitchen into reality. We can colour match to existing furniture, or to any paint sample that you provide.

    Project Management

    After your chosen design is handcrafted, we will agree on a date to install it at your property. We offer a complete project-management service, including managing external contractors for your project.

    Enjoy Your Home

    Make the most out of your luxury kitchen and handcrafted furniture – we know you’ll love it as much as we do. Every project comes with a 10 year warranty on furniture, (your new appliances have their own warranties).

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